Manely Lions

Raising quality lionhead, velvet lions and lionlops .

ManelyLions Kamaria

  Didn't really plan on keeping another doe but this little girl has proven to be a great mom and I'm very glad I kept her.


Harlequin DM?

D.O.B  1-2-2013

Manelylions Holly

Photo coming soon!

  This little girl was bred at Dover High School using one of my lionheads and Live Laugh Lops bucks. Really friendly so have to love her.



DOB Oct 31, 2012

Manely Lions Mulan

  This little girl is so much what I wanted when I started the lionlop program. Just love the ears and the color. Has the perfect Holland shape and is small. To add to all that the blue harliquin. She is a F2 generation


Blue Harliquin

DOB May 6, 2012

Manely Lions Simi


  This is Nala's and Simbas firt DM little girl. She is a tri colored. Right now she is a little fluff ball but she has really great floppy ears and a really outgoing personality. Hope she sheds out nice like her dad did.


Tri DM

DOB 6-20-11

Manely Lions Nala

Thanks to Live Laugh Lops we have our first lionlop does. Sarabi is Harli and Cary's Girls daughter.


Tri-Colored  SM

DOB 6-30-10