Manely Lions

Raising quality lionhead, velvet lions and lionlops .

Couture's Emily


  This little girl has the best temperament so sweet. She has a lot of shedding out to do so we'll see how she turns out.


Blue DM

DOB  Jan. 31, 2014

Couture's Bambie


  Now that lionheads are ARBA approved I figured I should add a couple more in those colors. Have high hopes for this girl.


Black Tort-DM

DOB Jan. 23, 2014

Couture's  Misty

A really pretty doe. I just love the shaded colored bunnies. looking forward to showing her


Siamese Sable

DOB Jan. 21, 2014 

Manelylion's Ruby


  I would not usually keep a REW but this little doe has the perfect body and ears. Along with a long full mane that is breaking good. I have shown her twice and she did well. She got really good comments from the judges.


Ruby eyed white-DM

DOB May 5. 2012

Manelylions Maggie


  Had to keep this little girl. She is staying nice and small love her tiny ears and she has a great stiped magpie pattern on her back.


Torted Magpie DM

DOB 6-20-11

Manely Lions Olivia


  Gotta love that otter pattern. Even though she was single maned her mane is nice and long not as full as I would like but wanted to keep an otter for my herd.


Blue Otter SM

DOB 3-12-11


Manely Lion's Patches


  This is such a cute little harli. she has patches of black all over. Should work good in my harli/ tri porogram.



DOB 7-17-10

Manely Lion's Disco


  This Doe I sold as a baby and with a couple of homes she found her way back to me. She has proven to be a great mother and I'm thrilled to have her back.



DOB 4-10-10

Sunglow's Sarah

photo coming soon! 

  I went to pick up an other rabbit and saw this pretty little doe. Tiny with a great adult mane posed nice. Just had to have her and she is just beautiful.



DOB 12-1-09