Manely Lions

Raising quality lionhead, velvet lions and lionlops .

About Lion Lops

Lionlops, are not yet a breed recognized by the ARBA. However they are recognized as a breed in the UK. In the UK they are a small breed weighing 3-4 pounds, with a compact head and body. The lionlop should have long ears that fall about an inch under their jaw, as well as a defined mane around their head. These little gems must have that perfect pet personallity, to go with their stunning looks.

It is my goal to create these perfect little gems. I will be working with a local lop rabbitry in creating these beautiful little bunnies. Feel free to ask about upcoming lionlop litters.

Our first Lionlop

This is Muffusa he is Gabriella and LLL Fudges baby. We lost Gabriella when she had her litter so this guy is extra special to us. He is the first Lionlop bred at Manely Lions and he is a keeper. The most mild temperment and what a great mane.