Manely Lions

Raising quality lionhead, velvet lions and lionlops .

About Lionheads

My goal for my lionheads is to have small bunnies of 3-4 lbs. I like little tiny ears as I think they look more like a lions. I am working on manes that will last well into adult hood. I work with both double maned as well as single maned animals. If a single maned animal has the color size or type that I need then I will use it.

Right now I am working with shaded, harliquins and tri's as well as chocolate and lilacs. Will on occasion have other colors as I work on improving these. I will also sometimes have a BEW or VM that are hybrids out of my velvetlion project.



Double Maned and Single Maned





 I figured there was so much confusion about a single maned vs. double maned bunny I would try to explain. The only time you can tell is when they are a few days old double maned kits will have bare spots around the neck and on there sides like the kit in the top of the photo. Single manes grow in solid. The bare areas are where the wool of the mane and skirt will be. 

 What does this mean for a breeder? A single mane rabbit has only 1 gene for the mane and passes it only half the time. A double maned rabbit has 2 genes and always passes the mane gene.